Activity by Accounting Code by Sku Report

You can access the Activity by Accounting Code by Sku Report from the Menu drop-down. Reports > Finance Reports > Activity by Accounting Code by Sku. This report that gives you a list of transactions by Accounting Code with separate breakdowns of Sku transactions within that Accounting Code. You can select any or all the accounting codes as shown below. All your products need to have an Accounting Code and Sku number attached for this report to be effective.

Summary Review Report

This view shows a summary view of the activity by all Accounting Codes. You get a sub-total of each Sku within that accounting code. A grand total will appear on the final page of the report.  


Detailed View Report

Click on the Detail View and the 'Run Report' button to see all transactions separately. Below is the Detail View with separate transactions listed by Accounting Code broken down by Sku number. PShop and PowrPt2013 are different Sku number products within the Community Ed accounting code.



You can export the Activity by Accounting Code by Sku Report by clicking on the Select Export Format drop-down then click 'Export'. You have many formats to select, including .pdf, Rich Text, .csv and other format types. To view a similar example, view the Activity by Accounting Code by Tender Type.

NOTE: The Activity by Accounting Code by Sku Report displays all transactions, refunds, order coupons, service fees, taxes and shipping on separate lines. Product coupons appear in the accounting code of the product and order coupons appear as their own accounting code. This report features a display of all transactions by Sku number within that accounting code. You assign the Accounting Codes on the Configure > Store page for Taxes and Shipping.