Activity by Accounting Code Report

You can access the Activity by Accounting Code Report from the Menu drop-down. Reports > Finance Reports > Activity by Accounting Code. This report that gives you a list of transactions by Accounting Code for the date range you select. You can select all the codes or you can choose a specific Accounting Code as shown below. All your products need to have an Accounting Code attached for this report to be meaningful.

Summary Review Report

This view shows a Summary view of the activity by Accounting Code of Community Education. Select your Date Range, and an Accounting Code in this section.


Below is a report of all accounting codes in another report. A Grand Total will appear at the bottom for this Summary View. Note: Service Fees, Coupons, and Misc. codes are included in this report. Product coupons used will appear in the Accounting Code of the product. You can assign the accounting codes for Taxes and Shipping on the Configure > Store page, in this example they are included under Misc.

Detailed View Report

Click on the Detail View and the Run Report button to see each and every transaction separately. Below is the Detail View with separate transactions listed by Accounting Code.



You can also export the Activity by Accounting Code Report by clicking on the Select Export Format drop-down. You have many formats to select, including .pdf, Rich Text, .csv and other format types. To view a specific example, view the Activity by Accounting Code by Tender Type.

NOTE: The Activity by Accounting Code Report now displays refunds! Every line item in every transaction will appear as a separate line item in the Activity by Accounting Code Report. Shipping, Service Fees, Order Coupons and Sales Taxes will appear as their own accounting code. Product coupons will appear in the accounting code of the product. You assign the Accounting Codes on the Configure > Store page for Taxes and Shipping. Coupons that are 100% off will not appear on these reports because there was no payment. You will need to check the Class Roster or Class Enrollment Reports for order that were zero payments.