Activity by Department

You can access the Activity by Department Report from the Menu drop-down. Reports > Finance Reports > Activity by Department. This report allows you to view reports by Department. You can view Summary or Detailed Views of the report. In this example shown below, we chose to view all Departments' transactions in a date range with a Summary View.  

Summary View Report

The Summary View Report displays a Summary of the Totals for that Department over the chosen Date range.  

Detail View Report

The Detail View lists each transaction separately by Date in the range that you have chosen. Many specifics are displayed here including Student, Name, Amount, Tender Type and the Transaction Date. You will see a sub-total for each department.



You have the option to Export your report in different formats. Click on the Down-Arrow to view your choices as illustrated below.


Select your desired format type and then click 'Export'. You will then be prompted if you want to Open or Save the file. You will get the best results if you save the file to your Desktop or other location on your computer. In this example, I chose the .csv format type, which you can edit and sort in a program like MS Excel. I would recommend using the .csv format if you are going to edit your data in Excel.

NOTE: The Activity by Department Report now displays refunds, taxes and shipping. Order coupons, Shipping, Taxes and any Service Fees now appear as separate departments with all applicable transactions displaying. Product coupons will show in the department of the product. (Department Codes for Taxes and Shipping are assigned on the Configure > Store page). Transactions with multiple line items will show those line items in the proper Department. 100 percent coupon off will not appear on this report because there was no payments. The Class Roster and Class Enrollment reports will show 100% coupon usage transactions.