Activity by Department by Tender Type

You can access the Activity by Department by Tender Type Report from the Menu drop-down Reports > Finance  Reports > Activity by Department by Tender Type. This report allows you to view reports by Department with sub-totals for each type of payment available. You can view Summary or Detailed Views of the report. In the screen capture below, we chose to view the summary of all Departments for a specific date range. Shown is a portion of that report.

Summary View Report

The Summary View Report displays a Summary of the Totals for the Student Fees Department for each tender type for the Date Range selected.


Detail View Report

The Detail View lists each transaction separately by Date in the range that you have chosen. Many specifics are displayed here including Account Name, Student Name, Transaction Amount, and the Tender Type such as Cash or Visa/MC. American Express will be displayed separately, but Visa, MC and Discover appear in one group.


The Detailed View Report automatically gives you a printer-friendly report that will allow you to print or to export the report in the Export format of your choice. You will see all Refunds, Service Fees, Shipping, Coupons and Taxes on this report, if they apply.  


NOTE: The Activity by Department by Tender Type Report displays Refunds, the original transaction will remain with the original transaction date. This report is similar to the Activity by Department Report, with the Tender Types added. All Service Fees, Coupons, Taxes and Shipping will appear on this report. Product Coupons will appear in the Department of the product. Order coupons appear as their own line item on this report. You assign the Department Code on the Configure > Store page.