Adding and Editing Digital Goods

It is really no longer necessary to use these steps with the improvements we've made with custom forms especially. But here are the steps.

When you create your Product in ePayTrak, you have the option of adding a digital good to that product. An example of a digital good you might want to attach, is a permission form for a field trip, or a required medical information form for joining a school athletic team. However, this information can now be offered within ePayTrak by using Custom Forms. Digital goods is primarily for a software download, and most schools don't need this functionality.

First, you must add the digital good at Catalog > Digital Goods > Manage Digital Goods.  See Manage Digital Goods for more information.

Once you have added your digital good to the site, then proceed to the product you wish to attach the digital good as shown below.


  1. Click Digital Goods from the menu at the left to add the digital good to your product and you will see the following screen:


  1. Click Attach Digital Good to Product.


  1. Enter the Name of the digital good if you know it, or just click the Search button without entering a name to view all the digital goods available.

  1. Place a check in the box to the left of the digital goods listed and click the Attach Selected button which will bring you to the next screen.

  1. Click the Attach Digital Good to Product button.

  2. Then click Product Details from the left menu and save your product.