Adding and Removing Credit Card Information

A School Admin has the rights to Add, Edit or Remove Customer Credit Cards in ePayTrak, any user can edit his/her account.

Go to People > Users.  For security, you should not enter credit card information for the customer unless under special circumstances and with the card holder's approval only. It is best if the customer enters their own card information.


Removing and Adding Customer Credit Cards

Find the User you wish to edit, and click the blue 'Edit' icon. You can search by E-mail or Last Name to quickly find the User. The User window will open and you will see a section for Credit Cards. (If your school chose optional check acceptance you will be able to process a check payment online.)


If there is no credit card associated with the account click Add New Payment Method. Depending on the Gateway your school uses, you might see a different window. The example below is for a sandbox USAepay gateway.

ePayTrak utilizes several Gateways for Card Storage. Adhering to strict PCI compliance standards, the card information is never entered or stored in ePayTrak, but externally within the gateway.  

Enter the new card in the window as shown above.

Then click 'Store Card on USAePay's Secure Servers'. You can add multiple cards for the User.