Adding Payment Option in Smart School K12 (SSK12)

How to add a Payment Method (adding credit card or bank account) in Smart School K12 (SSK12)

1. Sign into your Smart School K12 account *Make sure you are using Google Chrome or Fire Fox*



2. Go to User Management: Gear Icon (Square):



3. In User Management > Find Funding Sources: Click on the Pencil/Pen next to Funding Sources



4. Click on Add Funding Source:


Note: When adding in a credit card, please make sure of the following:

1. Name and Address matches

2. Card Number is valid 

3. Expiration date is valid

4. CVV code is valid

5. Make sure the Zip code is the standard 5 digit number and not the extended

For, example:  12345 is valid, but 12345-1234 is not valid

*This is where most of the issue come from when adding a card payment*