Adding Products Kits

Adding Kits

Kits and Bundles are a unique way to combine products into a single product. Your Kits can be a simple assortment of items for a single price, or they can have several product choices where the price is based on the options selected.

Adding a New Product Kit

You can either use an existing Product/Class or you can create a new product. Before you can create a Kit, you will need to have already created the products that will make up the Kit. In the sample below, I created a separate Category named Arboretum Bundle. The kit products in this sample are to be hidden so they are not purchased individually.

For this demonstration, we'll be using the four products shown above, but you can add a kit with just one product. Notice the Visibility setting is Hidden for the items that will make up the kit, which means that these products are not available for sale individually. You can track inventory for each kit product separately even if there is no price in the kit product. In this example, there are different amounts of inventory available.

Using the product that you want to be the Kit,in this case Arboretum Spring Seminar March 2021 click on the Kits/Bundles tab from the left-column.

Click the ADD COMPONENT button to view a pop-up screen like the one below.


Enter a Name for this type of Component, I entered Morning Seminar. The customer will see the Header Option and Name. Click Save when you are completed.

The Input Type determines how the products within this component are going to be displayed or used.

Included Hidden - Product(s) will not be shown to the customer, but they will be shown to admins, and on the packing slip.

Included Shown - Product(s) are displayed to the customer. If the products included have options, they will available to the customer as additional selections.

Drop Down - Use when you want to display a drop-down list of product selections. Only one option can be selected. An additional Header Option field is included for the default value.

Radio Button - Use when you want to display a list of products with a radio selection next to each. Only one option can be selected. An additional Header Option field is included for the default value.  

Check Box - Use when you want to offer a list of products with a checkbox next to each. Customers can pick all or one or none.

Once you have added a Component, then select a product by clicking 'Add Product'.

Select the Category from the drop-down menu where you have your Products stored. Then click Search. You'll see the products that you will want to select. I selected Arboretum Bundle in the example.

You can adjust the price and the display name if desired. The Apple House Product has a $10 price already. Click 'Save' when you are finished.

I added the balance of the products to the AM Seminar and Added a PM Seminar Component with two products in that Drop-down as you see above. You can arrange the order of the components by clicking Sort Products. (shown below) You can edit by clicking the blue edit button, or you can delete an item by clicking the red X.


That is all I wish to add to my Kit at this time. Click Product Details on the left-side menu and save your product. Click on Preview to see how it will look to the public.

The price will adjust depending on the selections made. Member Pricing is $35. Non-Member is $50. The Morning Seminar Products as shown add $10. The PM Seminar will add $10 also.

To view all the Kits on your ePayTrak site, click on Catalog > Find Kits as shown below.

Reminder:  You can keep accurate inventory for each kit even if the price of any of the products is zero!

Click 'Search' to view all Kits on the site, or enter the name and click 'Search' to find a specific Kit.

Below are the Kits built on our site. Click the Name of your Kit if you wish to edit it.