Anonymous Ticket Orders - Admin

You can create a new ticket order or any order for an anonymous customer beginning at the People > Users page.

When you place an order for your customer, the customer will receive an e-mail confirmation. Although you can create an order without any user information, I would recommend adding the information that you know. If you assign a name to the user, it will most helpful in researching orders or attempting to refund that purchase if necessary.

To Create an Anonymous Order:

To create a New Order for a customer, go to People > Users. In the Add User section you will see a Create Anonymous User button.  

  • First enter any information you might have for the customer. If you want the customer to receive an e-mail ticket receipt, you will need to include an e-mail address. Adding information here is most helpful when researching an order or refunding that order.

I have entered some information as shown above.

  • Click Create Anonymous Order.

  • Enter the name (or a portion of the name) for any product, it doesn't have to be a ticket event, in this case, I entered mug.

  • Click the Search button. You will see a box similar to the one below.

  • Click the Green plus sign to add the product to your order. Press Save and you see the cart.


  • Adjust the quantity or make any other changes as necessary.

  • Then select the payment method. If it's a cash, check or internal comp payment, select the corresponding button. Click Place Order for a Credit card purchase. I clicked the Complete Order with Cash payment in this example. After the payment is made, it brings you to that order in the Order Manager.


You have completed the order! The name and e-mail address appear because it was added at the beginning of the process. If you need an instant receipt go to Tasks and select the Print Receipt option.

Then click the Go button and you'll see a receipt similar to the one below.


Click the print button to print the receipt to your printer.