Asset Manager

You can open the Asset Manager from the menu drop-down. Manage > Images and Assets. By default, the Asset Manager opens to the Parent folder. It's structure resembles Windows Explorer. Most images you will be using are Product or Category images. You will see ProductImages to the left under the Folder Contents. At the right of the screen, you can upload new images, Click the BROWSE button to select a new image from your local hard drive to upload it to your ePayTrak store.

Tip: It is recommended that you upload your product images to the Product Images folder. It will make it easier to find your files at a later date. You can also create sub-folders within the Product Images folder for better management. You can upload .pdf files for linking into the default File folder.

After clicking the Product Images folder, you will see all the images in that folder. Below I clicked on an image that is in the Product Images folder contents. You will usually see three images from the image that you uploaded. ePayTrak automatically creates three images from your uploaded image; a full-size image, an icon and a thumbnail. Or if you prefer, you can choose Do Not Resize when you are uploading your images. You will note aqua7.gif, aqua7_i.gif, and aqua7_t.gif on the left. Those default sizes are editable in Website > Logos and Images. To delete an image click in the checkbox next to the image name and click the Delete Selected Button on the bottom left.  


The Asset Manager is best for deleting unwanted images. Some find it is easier to add images in the Product Area at the product level, but you have no control where that image is saved.