Mobile Application

You may wish to take credit card payments with the Mobile app (or a credit card terminal) instead of using the ePayTrak mPOS app directly. These steps remain here in the help files for reference if a school doesn't wish to have wireless transactions on their network. Mobile App

The Mobile App can be downloaded in the Apple Store as shown below. Enter Authorize and suggestions should appear. The app works on any version of iOS and our card readers work well with the mobile app.



Tap the llc. and you will see a screen similar to the one below. Tap Get to download the app.

Once the app is downloaded and installed successfully, you will see Get change to Open as seen in the image below.

Tap Open to open the App. It is a good time to attach the swiper to your iPad.



  • Enter your LoginID and Password in the boxes as seen above.  

  • Tap Log In.

(You can create an sandbox account for testing the app but your card readers will not work with the sandbox.) The screenshots below are from a sandbox test account, you will see a similar image on your active account. (A test swiper was used in this process.)


If you have the swiper attached prior to login, you will see a screen as shown below with a warning about the headphone volume. It also confirms that the swiper is working properly. Tap OK where you see the message to continue with a transaction. If you don't have the swiper attached you will see the same message when you do plug it into the iPad.

  • Enter the Amount as shown below and tap Add.


That opens the next screen. The item is now on right side, added to the basket. You can swipe the card now.

If you Tap Checkout you will see this window. It isn't necessary to go to this Checkout screen unless there are issues with the card not being 'read' by the swiper. Then you could enter the number manually in the box shown below.

  • Swipe the Card  

You will see a screen similar to the one below after you swipe the card. Optionally, you can have the customer sign the screen in the box below.  

  • Tap Authorize at the bottom of the screen to complete the process.


You will then see a screen similar to the one below. If the customer wants a receipt, you can enter their e-mail address and Tap Send. This transaction was successful as you see below.


  • Tap New Transaction to begin another credit card process.

After the Transaction

You have the option of voiding a transaction if the customer decides they don't wish to enter the ticket event or if an error occurs.

  • Tap the top left of the screen to get the Menu. The icon is three horizontal lines. 

There you will see some options. Notice there is a nice user guide available in the Table of Contents on the left side of the screen.

  • Tap Transaction History. You will see transactions on the right.



Tap one of the transactions and you will see a screen similar to the one below. You can void the transaction before it settles or you can Tap Email Receipt if the customer desires.



If you are unable to get the scanner to work, make sure you have the settings correct.

  • Go to Settings on your iPad.

  • Tap Privacy.

Make sure that you have the slider turned on for as shown below.