Batching Orders

The Order Manager page will not only give you the ability to search for orders but you can also update multiple orders at once. The batch feature includes capabilities such as processing credit card authorizations for multiple orders, entering multiple shipment tracking numbers, and batch printing invoices and packing slips. Normally, you will not need to process credit card authorizations, that is done automatically for you.

Note: ePayTrak is configured to 'Authorize Capture' which will automatically eliminate the need to 'Process Payment'. You will not likely have to follow this procedure unless you are utilizing shipping, but is here for reference.

To Batch Update Orders:

Before you can update multiple orders, you need to make your order selections.  

  1. From the Order Manager page, use search criteria to display the orders you want to update.  

  2. After the orders appear in your results, select them by ticking the checkbox next to each.

  3. You can also tick the checkbox shown in the table heading, to select all of your results and exclude as needed.
    In the example below, we have selected all orders with status 'Payment Pending'  Note: ePayTrak v. 4.0 is configured so you will not need to 'Process Payment', it is done automatically for you. However, these instructions are a guide if you need to change the Status for Shipping purposes.


  4. Now look in the bottom-left corner of the search results section and find "Update Selected Orders"

  5. Click on the down-arrow to choose one of the batch options available.


  6. Choose a batch option from the list and click the GO button. The selected orders will be changed or there will be a following page that you can print or take further action. This depends on which batch option was chosen.


Batching Orders

A batch option is some action you can take with multiple orders at once. The batch options available are described here.

Batch Option


Process Payment

If you have setup a real-time payment gateway, and are authorizing transactions, this batch function will automatically capture the pending authorized payments. ePayTrak v. 4.0 is configured so this step will not be necessary.

Mark Shipped

Selected orders will be marked as shipped. As such, the shipment status will be updated.

Mark Shipped with Options

Selected orders will appear on the next page so you can enter a tracking number or different ship date. The shipments for each order will be shown and modified separately.


Selected orders will be cancelled. On the next page, you will need to enter a comment or reason to cancel an order.

Print Invoices

Next page displays all selected orders on a page using a printable stylesheet*. Each Invoice shows order information with pricing.

Print Packing Slips

Next page displays all selected orders on a page using a printable stylesheet*. Each Packing List shows Quantity, SKU, and Order Items.

Print Pull Sheet

Next page combines the selected orders to generate a single printable Pull Sheet. The pull sheet shows all items from all orders with quantity, SKU, and an area to check when pulled.  

Update status to <status name>

Selected orders will have their order status updated to the option shown. Order statuses can be customized.  

* A document using a printable style sheet will print with appropriate styles and page breaks. You must be using a modern browser (such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari) to use this feature. Website headers, footers, and this message will not be printed.