Can I create a recurring billing schedule in ePayTrak?

Creating a Recurring Billing Schedule

You can create a recurring billing schedule for a customer in ePayTrak two different ways. These instructions you create the order and recurring schedule simultaneously.

(If you have multiple banks on your site you won't be able to update recurring schedules.)

  • To place an order from the Admin side and setup Recurring billing go to People > Users.  

  • Open the User's profile and scroll down until you see the Create Order section.  

  • Click the Create Order button to begin the order process.  

  • Then select the Product you wish to add.  

  • Then click Place Order to get to the billing screen.

  • The Credit Card card must be present. then Click the Recurring Order box to establish Recurring Billing.  Select the option you wish to use.  

  • You have the choices of Deliver Every X amount of days, Deliver Every Week On a specific day or choose Deliver Every Month On a particular day of the month.  Enter the delivery option.

  • Add a Description, and then enter the Start and End dates in the format as shown.  

  • Then click the Pay with Credit Card button (or similar). This method doesn't process an order yet but creates a schedule which you will see under Manage>Recurring Orders.

For more details on creating a recurring billing schedule, see Recurring Billing