Catalog Menu

Login to the Merchant Administration and from the DASHBOARD you will see the top-bar menu items. Hold your mouse over the Catalog menu item to view the submenu items available. You will manage your Categories and Products/Classes from this menu.


Browse: View and edit your catalog items by navigating the category structure.

Browse Archived: Add old products that you no longer wish to have in your catalog while still retaining information for all reports.

Search: Find and edit your catalog items with the search form.

Find Kits: Search and display links to your Kit products.

Product Templates: Create a template that can be used to collect data from your customers.

Gift Wrap: Create wrapping groups.  Add gift wrap styles, images, prices.

Product Reviews: A little used feature for schools.

Digital Goods: Submenu items include Manage Digital Goods, Search, Readme's and License Agreements.

Orphaned Items: You can see any of your products that are no longer available.

Pricing Groups: Special groups for unique pricing schedules.

Venues: Location where you add the address etc., for your ticket venue.

Catalog > Browse

To view your Catalog system, you can mouse-over the Catalog menu item and then select Browse. 

Click on it and you will see a page similar to the image below. The following screen capture shows a demo site.  

From the screen above, you can add a Category, Sub-Category or a Product.