Class Calendar

ePayTrak has a Class Calendar for your use. This Calendar is available to the public so they can easily view when a class or event is offered by date. When creating your class, all you need to do is select a date from the Class Date field in the Class Information section of your product. Here is a partial view of a Class Calendar from a demo site. A customer can choose to see All Departments or can choose a specific department with the drop-down arrow as shown below.


When you create your Product/Class, there is a section for Class Information as shown below. You need to click in the Class Start Date box and choose a date from the drop-down calendar. That will enable the class to be displayed on the Class Calendar.

Contact ePayTrak Technical Support if you wish to use the Class Calendar. Normally, we will add a link for Class Calendar on the top Menu of the Home Page for easy public access when we create your site. If you are going to display 4 or more classes on the same date, the dates extend the calendar considerably.