Class Enrollment Report

You can access the Class Enrollment Report from the Menu drop-down Reports > Roster Reports > Class Enrollment Report. This report lists all the students who have enrolled for a class. You can view each class separately by entering the Sku number of the class, or you can view all class enrollments. The printable report can be exported to file. We have functionality that allows you to print a Custom Form for all students in a selected class using the Class Enrollment Report.

HTML Report

The HTML Report displays all the enrollees in a class. This report can be sorted by adjusting the entry in the Sort By drop-down box. The participant name of the students is shown in this report with phone numbers, date registered, and Age/Gender information if you need that information for your classes.  In the example below, I entered only H33141 as the Sku.  That way, I can bring up other biology classes that have a similar Sku. Note Biology 139 and Biology 140 shown. If you want to filter out some of the options and variants Skus, you can use the new Use Product Sku filter. This might be helpful for a ticket event especially.

Printable Report

The Printable Report automatically gives you a printer-friendly report with the same information as the HTML Report.

However, we just recently added a page break for the Class Enrollment printable report. We've also linked any Custom Forms that were required for that student for the classes in the report. So, a school can print Emergency Contact Form data by class and give those printouts to the teacher in preparation for an emergency. As before, you can export the Class Enrollment Report by clicking on the Select Export Format drop-down. You have many formats to select, including .pdf, Rich Text, .csv and other format types. Choose the format type you wish from the drop-down menu. Then click Export to export that file.


In the example above, the Sku H33141 will 'find' any Sku that begins with that number. The page break now separates each Sku on the report, notice this is only page 2 of 3. This page contains only the class of Biology 140. Page 1 has the Biology 139 students. They have similar Sku numbers, just the last two digits are different. This will enable rapid printing for enrollment of each class, because you can locate more than one class depending on the Sku numbers on your site.

Note the new 'Print Forms' button under the report filters as shown above. If that Sku does not have a custom form associated with it from either a product Custom Form or a global Custom Form, the Print Forms button will not appear.

For the example below, I've clicked the 'Print Forms' button. You see the Custom Forms associated for all the students. Click the 'Send to Printer' button and those forms can be printed for each student. (One or two pages per student depending on the length of the form.) In this example, the parents needed to complete an Emergency Contact Form before they could enroll their students in the class.

NOTE: If an order is refunded, the transaction order will display on the Class Enrollment Report until that order is cancelled or if the class is removed using Edit Order Items in the Order Manager.