Class Roster Report

You can access the Class Roster Report from the Menu drop-down. Reports > Roster Reports > Class Roster Report. This report lists all the students who have enrolled for a class. You can view each class separately by entering the Sku number of the class, or you can view all class rosters. The printable report can be exported to file. The Class Roster Report is very similar to the Class Enrollment Report but includes more personal information for the family than the Class Enrollment Report does.  

HTML Report

The HTML Report displays all the enrollees in a class. This report can be sorted by adjusting the entry in the Sort By drop-down box. The participant name of the students are shown in this report with phone numbers, date registered, and Age/Gender information if you need that information for your classes. We just recently added a Use Product Sku filter that is helpful with multiple options and variants.

Printable Report

The Printable Report automatically gives you a printer-friendly report with the same information as the HTML Report.

We added a page break for the Class Roster printable report. We've also linked any Custom Forms that were required for that student for the classes in the report. So, a school can now print Emergency Contact Form data by class and give those printouts to the teacher in preparation for an emergency. As before, you can export the Class Roster Report by clicking on the Select Export Format drop-down. You have many formats to select, including .pdf, Rich Text, .csv and other format types. Choose the format type you wish from the drop-down menu. Then click Export to export that file.

Note: In the example below, FtH2013 Sku is a product that requires completion of the Field Trip Permission form. This report has the ability to print those Forms with several clicks directly from this page!

Below is an example of what you will see when you click on 'Print Forms'. This is only available when there is a required custom form for the product. Click 'Send to Printer' to print the Field Trip Permission forms.

NOTE: If an order is refunded, the transaction order will display on the Class Roster Report until that order is cancelled or dropped in the Edit Order Items area in the Order Manager.