Configure Order Statuses

To find the Configure Statuses settings in ePayTrak, go to Configure > Order Statuses as shown below. Your ePayTrak site will be configured prior to your site going live.


When you click Order Statuses, you will see a screen similar to the one below.

To Edit any Order Status Setting, Click on the blue 'Edit' button next to the item you wish to view or change. I selected the Order Status Name of Cancelled. Below is the Edit window where you can make changes. The automatic triggers are very important to the functionality of ePayTrak and it is recommended that you not attempt to edit these settings for yourself.

I changed the setting of Restock, so when you cancel an order in ePayTrak, (after processing a refund first), the stock levels are restocked. So any cancelled order will automatically return the item to your inventory.

Tip: Do not edit these statuses, they will be pre-configured by ePayTrak personnel prior to your site going live. This document is for reference purposes only.  

If you need to make any changes or additions to an Order Status, please e-mail Technical Support at for assistance.