Copying Products

Catalog View Changes:

You can copy any product within that Product itself. Notice that the red X delete button is not available for all products. If a class/product has already been purchased, then you will no longer be able to delete that product, but you will be able to archive it.


In the example below, I will copy the Digital Photography Class.

  1. Open the product you wish to copy as shown below.

  1. Enter a new Sku in the Copy Product to Sku box. You must enter a unique Sku or it will not copy the product. If the product has variants, you have the choice of Preserve Variant Skus. If you choose this option, the variant Sku numbers will be identical to the product you copied. If you choose not to Preserve Variant Skus, it will append the new Sku to the old variant sku.

  2. This is most helpful is you are copying a Theatre ticket template that has all the rows and seats numbers included in the Options and Variants and you want to have the new date included in the Sku.  


  1. Notice the Sku numbers have just the Row and Seats, such as A101.  

  2. Now I'm going to copy that product and will not preserve the variant Skus. The date will be added to all the Variants and Skus for the date I've chosen as July 23.

  1. Click the Copy button.

  2. By default, the newly copied product will have a name of Copy of ... (whatever product you copied). I copied the Sound of Music Template and the new product is at the bottom named Copy of Sound of Music Template.

  1. Open the new product Copy of Sound of Music Template.

  2. Click in the Name field and change the Name. I've changed this to the Sound of Music July 23rd. Press Save and the new name will appear in the name field and show in your category view with the new name.

Let's check the Sku numbers of the Options and Variants that I didn't preserve while copying the product. Notice the Sku was changed. It copied SMM0723 which is the Sku I gave this copy, to the Rows and Seat numbers.  So, you now have the date of the performance for all 984 variants without changing them manually!

If you preserve the Sku numbers, they will be identical to the old Sku numbers. Then you can change them manually as you have done in the past. In a ticket event product, you will not want to preserve the variant Sku or you will need to change the Sku for every option and variant that is associated with your product.