To Add a new Coupon:

  1. Browse to Marketing > Coupons.

  2. Click Add Coupon to create a New Coupon.

  1. Select the type of Coupon you wish to create. Here we are creating a Product Coupon, although the creation steps are the same for an Order Coupon. Click Next.


  1. Enter the Product name for which you are creating a coupon.

  2. Enter the Coupon Code, the Discount Amount. You can add different quantities for multiple products, here we are entering the Quantity of 1.  

  3. Enter the Start and End Dates of your coupon (optional). We are not limiting the uses per customer so we have left that blank.

  4. From the drop-down for Product rule, we selected Valid with only the selected products. This coupon is only for a Coffee mug store purchase.

  5. Click Next when you finish entering the information below.


  1. After clicking Next, we will need to add the product to the coupon.

  1. Click Manage to select the product associated with this coupon as shown below.

  1. Note: This product is going to be available to all groups which would include all your customers.

  1. Enter the Product Name and click the Search button. I entered mug and clicked the Search button.

  1. Click the Add button to add this product to your coupon.

  1. Click the Finish button. You have completed the process. Save and Close on the next screen.

What does the customer see?

It is best to communicate to your customer the availability of the coupon in the product description or Summary Field.

The customer can enter the code 'Mug21' to receive the discount during the checkout process. The customer then clicks Apply to receive the coupon discount. The product price and the totals will be adjusted accordingly as shown below in the Order Summary section. Note the ($5.00) for the coupon applied. Order coupons appear in the department or accounting code assigned to the products when viewing accounting code and department code reports.


Note: Coupons do not work if you have multiple banks assigned to your ePayTrak store. In that case, ePayTrak personnel will disable coupons and volume discounts.