Create User Accounts from a Student Account

MultiSite schools are using Smartschool and that basically eliminates the need to create a user account especially with the introduction of ePOS to pay STudent Fees.

The steps below are mostly antiquated and are no longer necessary if you are importing students via databridge or other import but I leave the steps as reference.



I've added this new student by clicking the 'Add Student' button. Since he is a new student to the district, his guardian will not have an ePayTrak User account yet. In the example below, I've located the Student account and added a User account for the guardian, Mary Weeks by clicking the 'Create Account' button. When the User account is created, you will see Account Created in red as shown below. You must include an e-mail address and the guardian's first and last name to create a new account in this manner.

Using this process to add a User Account, you are automatically adding the Student as a Participant in the User Account. This can be a huge time-saver for administrative school workers.

Note: If there are two students in the family, you must add the other student manually to the user account.