Creating ePOS Users

It is a two step process to configure ePOS users before you can start placing ePOS transactions. This will normally be done by ePayTrak personnel prior to your site going live. However, I'm including instructions so you can add or edit your ePOS users.

Create an ePOS User First:

Begin in the ePOS User section at the bottom of the image above.
  1. Add an ePOS user name in the ePOS Username box. I added Click the Add button. Then Save your settings at the bottom of the page. We suggest using or similar so there will be no confusion and all school admins can have their own ePOS User. You will add the ePayTrak user tp the ePOS User in the next step.

  1. Next, you can associate a School Admin user with the newly created ePOS User. Click in the ePayTrak Users box and you will see a search window. Enter the school admin name and click Search. You will see the users found in the search as shown below.

  1. Click the Green Plus to select the User Name. Notice the ePayTrak User field is now population with the user that I selected.

  1. Select the ePOS User from the drop-down menu. Note the that we added previously.

  2. Click the Add button.

  3. Click Save at the bottom of the page or your changes will not be saved.

You have created a new ePOS User and added an ePayTrak school admin to the new user. You can also edit or delete ePOS Users as long as there were no purchases created with that ePOS user previously to maintain accurate reporting.