Creating Student Accounts

There are several ways to introduce Student Accounts into your ePayTrak store. One way is to import your students using the import function. You can import all your students at once using this feature. Navigate to Configure > Imports/Exports > Import Students. The page will look like the one below. Navigate to the .csv file on your computer by clicking Browse. Then click Import when you have located that file. A databridge could be created if circumstances permit. Tech Support can help with that on an individual basis. That would eliminate the need for manually creating students or imports!


There is a template available from ePayTrak Tech Support for this import. The file looks similar to the image below, a .csv format file that you can open in Excel.  


You can also create students manually in ePayTrak. Go to Manage > Students. You will see the following screen, which displays the students already in your system. Click on the 'Add Student' button. You will not want to add new students if you are using a Databridge sync with SmartSchool. These steps are for reference.


You then see the window below where you can enter all the information for the student, including the Student ID field. Click the 'Add Student' button to complete the entering process from this screen/window.


You will not likely create student accounts using this version of ePayTrak. These steps are included for reference.