Credit Card Mobile Readers

For mPOS Event sales, one of the hardware items that must be installed correctly is the credit card reader/swipers if you wish to process credit card payments for ticket sales on the mPOS app. We were using ID Tech Credit Card mobile readers but they no longer work with Apple iOS changes.

The new Chipper 2X has an audio jack or bluetooth version that work with the mobile app.


We are now using Chipper 2X bbpos card readers. They are available for purchase from ePayTrak personnel.

Product Datasheet for the Chipper 2X.

These readers utilize the headphone jack on the iPad and there is a bluetooth version that doesn't have the jack.



  • For the credit card mobile reader to work, the volume must be turned to the maximum.

  • Insert the reader into the Headphone jack on the iPad or connect your bluetooth version.

  • Then using the volume button on the side of the iPad, adjust the volume to the highest level as seen below. The white squares indicate the highest volume. Your iOS might appear somewhat differently.

If you are using the Chipper 2X with the mobile app, you will need to adjust the settings in

When you have the reader/swiper correctly placed in the headphone jack it will be available for use in the mPOS app when you process an order. As you see below Process Credit Card is no longer 'grayed-out' but is green indicating it is available for use when you arrive at the payment screen in a mPOS transaction.



If the Process Credit Card link is still 'grayed-out', you will need to check the volume on the headphone jack. That is the number one reason for failure. If using the Bluetooth version, be sure the card reader is charged before use.