Custom Forms Basics & Navigation

You can open Custom Forms from the menu drop-down, Manage > Custom Forms. That opens the Custom Forms window as shown below. You will see any existing pre-built forms located here at the left, that you can customize to suit the needs of your school organization. (ePayTrak personnel can build a Custom Form for your school organization if your require assistance.) At the right, you see the 'Add Form' box, which is where you create a new Form. Enter your form name and the column span you wish to use. Generally, the column should be set to 3 for best on-screen viewing. Click the 'Add' button to begin the form creation process.

After clicking 'Add', you will see your form in the list at the left with the name you've assigned it. Note the Field Trip Permission Form at the bottom of the list that we just created in the image below.  

You need to be familiar with navigation on this page before proceeding further. You see the Form Name at the left, how many input fields are included in that form and the column span of that form. Create or Edit the form by clicking on the blue note pad icon. You can copy the form by clicking on the 'Copy' icon which is next to the edit button icon. Click the red 'X' to delete the form.  

Click the 'List & Export' link to view who has completed the form. You can view them online or you can export the information into Excel.

The 'Print & Edit' button would enable you to view, edit or modify one specific form submission by a customer. You can also print a completed form for your records.

'Export as Template' is useful for building forms from one year to the next. This will be mostly used by ePayTrak personnel, but could be useful for schools with repeating custom forms from one year to the next such as an athletic permission form. You can not copy a form because of the data involved. You will need to export the template and import it. Then make any necessary changes.

When you click the Form Name, you will see the form as it will appear to the public. I clicked on the name 'Field Trip Permission Form' and the example is shown below.

Click 'Edit' and you can edit or modify or begin to create your form. I clicked the edit button for Field Trip Permission form and saw the page below. Here you will see the Form Name, the amount Column span you choose, and the Participant Form choice. If you wish to add a participant/student to be included in the form completion by the parents, check the Participant Form check box. To help prevent duplicates, you can check Single Participant only. Then parents can only select one student for this form at a time.

On this form, you see all the fields that are created. If you've created a Product Template in ePayTrak you will notice the similarities. The green arrows in the Order column can adjust the order of the fields. Click the green up arrow to move a field up and click the green down arrow to move a field down in the order.

Note the Preview window at the bottom. It doesn't look exactly like the public form view, but serves as a guide on the form's appearance.

For best results, do not use any spaces or special characters like an apostrophe as a field name. The prompt that appears to the customer can utilize spaces or special characters.

Below, we will continue our navigation from the Form Home page.

List & Export

When you click the 'List & Export' link, you will see the following. Click the Fields you wish to be displayed, I clicked the Select All Fields button which is at the top left of the screen. Choose whether to view the completed form entries online or Export to Excel. In the example below, I've selected View Online. Click 'Continue' to view the data.

Below is the online view you will see. The Rules column is an example of whether you want the entire rule to be listed or you can opt to use the Value when setting up this form. The Excel Export is similar but within Excel you have more flexibility sorting your data.

Print & Edit

There is an easy way to print completed forms in ePayTrak. Click the Print & Edit link on the Custom Forms home page. You see a screen similar to the one below. If you wish to edit a form, click 'Edit'. If you wish to print a form, click the 'Print' link on the line of the form you wish to print.


In the example below, I clicked 'Edit' for Bill Cooper. You can edit any of the fields and then click 'Update' to complete the process.

To print a Custom Form, click 'Print'. In the example below, I clicked 'Print' on the line for Bill Cooper. Below is the on screen view. Click 'Print' at the top left to print the completed student form.

You have the option whether to print or not print any of the fields for your custom form.

Below is a screen shot of the actual printed view.

Printing Forms for an Entire Class

Printing forms one at a time for a student is easy, but if you want to print a form for every student in a specific class, there is a better way! The Class Roster and Class Enrollment reports have been modified to accomplish the task. Begin this report by navigating to Reports > Transactions Reports > Class Enrollment Report.

As shown below, enter your Sku number and Date Range for your report. Select Printable Report. Click 'Run Report'.

Seen below are the results of that report. To print the forms for this class (in this case a field trip product) click the 'Print Forms' button.


After clicking 'Print Forms', you will see a screen similar to the one below. Click 'Send to Printer' to print three separate form submissions, one for each student. You can queue up the report for the entire class in this fashion.  

If you don't need to print a separate form for each student, you can print the Class Enrollment report (without selecting Print Forms). Or you can select the List & Export option from the Form Home page.

Note: Custom Forms are not 'tied' to the transaction order. This will result in more complete reporting and give you flexibility on those reports.