Deposits by Date by Tender Type

You can access the Deposits by Date by Tender Type Report from the Menu drop-down Reports > Finance Reports > Deposits by Date by Tender Type. Below is the first screen you see when you click on Deposits by Date. This report  gives you a Summary or a Detailed View of all deposits to date (or a specific time period of your choice) on your ePayTrak store. The printable report can be exported to file.   

Summary View Report

The Summary View Report displays the deposit by date as a total deposit for the day with sub-totals for each Tender Type. It doesn't display each order individually.  

Detail View Report

The Detail View Report gives you a printer-friendly report with details of each deposit. You can export the Deposits by Date Detail View Report by clicking on the Select Export Format drop-down. You have many formats to select, including .pdf, Excel, .csv and rich text format types. All tender types are included in this report. The order number was recently added to supply more information concerning the transaction.


NOTE: The Deposits by Date Report is designed to display all transactions on one line. Separate line items in a transaction will be included in the totals but will not display as separate items on this Report. This includes Shipping, Coupons, Service Fees and Taxes. Refunds will appear on the Refund Date, they will not appear with the original transaction.