Door Entry

If you have sold General Admission tickets, you will want to use the Door Entry Management app built within the Ticketing solution.  

The Door Entry application has been created for the iOS operating system.  Therefore, you will need either an iPhone, iPad or iPod to manage Door Entry.  The Door Entry application will be supplied by Edutrak Software.

It is best if you use the recommended scanner in conjunction with this Door Entry app. It will allow much faster door entry. However with the latest release, it is now possible to use the built-in iPOD camera to scan the tickets receipts. This would be great for a backup or if you need additional help scanning tickets at the door.

The image below shows the Door Entry program displayed on an iPod.

Before you open the Door Entry program, it's a good idea to check the iOS settings that the bluetooth Mobile Socket Scanner is connected to your iPod.  

Now, tap on the Door Entry program to open it.

You will see the following:  

Login to your URL with your ePayTrak Login ID and Password.  That takes you to the following screen and you are ready to scan bar code tickets.

Scanning with iPod Camera


Below is an example of a bar code ticket printed with the mPOS app ticket printer.  You can also scan a barcode receipt from a customer's device such as an iPhone or the customer's e-mail receipt. You can also very easily enter the ticket number manually, just in case the scan isn't successful for whatever reason.

When scanning with the camera, you will see this on your camera.  Move the camera so the red line is appears on the bar code.  When it is focused, it will automatically scan the ticket.

When that scan is successful, you will see a screen similar to the one below.

At first, you'll see the ticket number in the top section, but it moves very quickly.  When it's completed scanning, you will see an image like the one above. You can also enter the ticket number manually by clicking in the Ticket Number box and entering the ticket number.

If the ticket is for another date, you might see a screen similar to this.

Scanning with the Mobile Socket Scanner

Scanning with the Mobile Socket Scanner is faster.

Make sure the scanner is turned on. The green light on the side will lit and the blue light over the socket button will be blinking.

Press the button large button to get the red scanning light activated.  When the scan occurs, it will beep and you will see a screen similar to this.

Enter the Ticket Number Manually

The Mobile Socket Scanner must be turned off or you will not see the keyboard on your screen.

Enter the ticket number in the box as shown below.  When the ticket is entered correctly, the number will disappear and you can scan the next ticket.


More troubleshooting steps will be located in the Hardware Configuration section.