Editing Profile - Participants

A User in ePayTrak is any customer or internal administrative person.

You can access ePayTrak User profiles from the Menu drop-down, People > Users. Here you can search for a User by Last Name, E-mail address and Phone Number. Or you can search for a User by group membership. A User Name is the E-mail address of a customer in ePayTrak. You can place orders, Edit a User, enter, edit or remove Credit Card Information, create an order and much more from the User Profile.


Note: Only those ePayTrak sites that have purchased ticketing capabilities will see a Create Anonymous Order button.

Add A New User

It is no longer recommended that you Add a new User from the admin side with the advent of SmartSchoolK12. If the customer doesn't have a user account, then you can process a payment using ePOS. Not all transactions will work with ePOS such as products with shipping for example.

Searching a User

To find a specific User by Last Name, enter the last name in the search window as shown below. I entered Lesve to find a user name Lesveque, and then clicked the Search button.  

Do not enter a wildcard character, it might not be recognized. ePayTrak will use the * by default.


After clicking Search, ePayTrak found the specific User that I was searching for. You don't often want to click the Login as User icon, that will log you out of your Admin account. You can edit a User or create a new order by clicking on the blue Edit button.

Editing/Viewing a User Profile

Click on the Edit button to open the User profile. You can add a User Group to the User, change the password, address or any other personal information. Recently added fields for Wordware lunch payments are included in the image below. The Wordware Id will show on this screen as well as if the parents elect to use the optional features below. The example below is a user account with Wordware configured. With SmartSchool, the controls for these levels are now enabled there and not in ePayTrak directly.

Wordware Family ID.  The example below shows ID 26851 for Jack Russell.

Current Family Balance. Shows the balance in real time. The example below shows $14.

Low Balance Notification Enabled. A family will receive an e-mail if their balance reaches the level set in the Low Balance Notification Level.

Low Balance Refill Enabled.  This shows whether the refill is enabled or not. The sample below shows it is not.

If it had been enabled ePayTrak automatically generate payments when the amount reaches what the parent sets in Low Balance Refill Level.  Low Balance Refill Amount is the amount that will automatically be paid when the low balance refill level is reached.


Scrolling down further in the profile window, you will see Customer Participants/Students. Your school might have these settings disabled if all Student Information is being passed to ePaytrak. This information remains for the sites not using SmartSchool integration. From this window you can Edit or Add a new Customer Participant. Click on the blue 'Edit' button to edit an existing participant. To create a new Customer Participant, enter the First Name, Last Name and other information and click the Add Participant button. The Date of Birth field as shown below might be a required field depending on your ePayTrak settings. The Participant ID field might be required for some ePayTrak sites. Be sure you enter the Student ID in the Participant ID field correctly. There are other Participant ID fields you can use, the controls for that are on the Configure > Store page.


Below in the User profile window, you will see the Customer Credit Card information, and Customer Checking Account information if your school accepts e-checks online. You might see one or more of these sections on your ePayTrak site.

You could add or edit a card as shown but it is not recommended.