eMailing Student Fee Invoices

t will help parents to know or to remind them that they owe a student fee if an invoice is created and sent.

You now have the ability of e-mailing invoices to the parents. Begin at the Manage>Students page.


  • You will need to create a found set first. Use the filters at the top of the page to help you find them. In the example above, I entered Gallow in the School field but you have many options. You can filter by a single student, grade, school, etc. Then click the Filter button. I selected Open Payments Only as I don't want to send a reminder for a paid invoice!

That returns all the students in Gallow School with open payments. Click the Queue Emails button to begin. That will Queue the invoices but it doesn't send them automatically. To manage the eMail queue, go to Manage>eMail Queues to view the options that you have.