ePayTrak 4 User Guide

These Help Files are designed to assist you with learning all the features of ePayTrak, the 'School Store' of SmartSchoolK12.

The Table of Contents is arranged by the menu items in ePayTrak. There is a helpful Search window; just enter the name of your topic like 'Refunds' and click the Go button. There is also an index. These files are normally best viewed with Google Chrome or Safari.

Here are some helpful resources for our other SmartschoolK12 products.


Edutrak Software, LLC

Bloomington, MN 55426

  • Phone: 1-952-922-7655

  • Toll Free: 1-800-365-7270 (USA Only)

  • Fax: 1-952-922-7629

  • Website :

  • Support for any SmartSchoolK12 product including ePayTrak:
    Click the Contact Support link that is on the header of all Admin pages in ePayTrak as shown at the top of this page.