Quick Start Guide to ePayTrak Basics - Part 1

This guide will help you learn the basics of using ePayTrak for your eCommerce store.

Login to your Site

Even if you don't have any students, you will need to create a user account in SmartSchool first to access ePayTrak. Once you have created your user account, you can then login to ePayTrak. ePayTrak personnel initially will assign 'School Admin' rights to your account. New school admin users can then be assigned those rights by school personnel with School Admin rights.

You will want to navigate to your store's home page URL to login to ePayTrak directly once you have already created a user account in SmartSchool.

To Login through the store:

  1. Once at the URL Home Page, look in the upper-right corner of the store's navigation bar. Your site will look similar to the screenshot below.

  2. Click on the LOGIN icon to view the standard customer login page.

  3. Enter your e-mail address and your existing password because you already have established a user account.

  4. After a successful login, you will see the Home Page.

  5. You should bookmark this page now if you haven't already so you can easily locate your ePayTrak site.

  1. Click the Admin button to view the admin side of ePayTrak. The admin side contains all the tools to create and maintain your ePayTrak site.


The Merchant Dashboard

Once you have successfully logged into your merchant administration and clicked admin, you will be viewing the Merchant Dashboard as shown below. The dashboard consists of sales and product reports, an order status summary, links to recent orders, your user status, alerts, and ePayTrak product news. Basically, a snapshot of your ePayTrak site.

The Order Summary section on the top right displays your most recent orders and a status. Especially helpful in this section is a section for View Order Number as seen in the bottom right of the image below. If you are trying to find a previous order quickly, enter the order number in the box and press Go. That will open that specific order in the Order Manager. Notice all the options on the Menu bar... Dashboard, Manage, Catalog, People, Marketing, Reports, Configure, Website, and Help. You will be using these menus very often in ePayTrak. We will cover all the different options of those menu items throughout these Help files. Each menu item is detailed as its own topic in these Help files.

Contact Support

Located on the header of all admin pages in ePayTrak, you see Contact Support, Store and Logout.

For quickest results for a support question, click on Contact Support. You will see a window similar to the one below. Complete the prompts, Message Body and click Submit Support Request.


Congratulations!  You have completed Part One of the Quick Start Guide.  Now it's time to learn the basics of the Catalog in Part II!