ePayTrak Ticket Configuration


ePayTrak Ticket Events

These are the components associated with an ePayTrak Ticket Product.

  1. General Admission Events.

  2. Guest Checkout.

  3. ePayTix apps can help with ticket sales and door scanning.



This chapter covers the following sections:

  • Guest Checkout - Steps a customer would take to purchase an event ticket.

  • General Admission Ticket Products - Details on creating a general admission ticket event in ePayTrak.

  • General Admission Ticket Product Checklist - Checklist to ensure you complete all necessary steps for a General Admission ticket event or a non-ticket event that you are offering in the mPOS app.

  • E-Mail Receipts - Now that any Ticket Event is automatically included on the Mobile Ticket e-mail receipt, you will only need to add your Sku to the exception on the 'regular' participant receipt.

  • Anonymous Ticket Orders - Steps for creating an anonymous ticket order within ePayTrak.