ePOS Payments

ePOS was designed as an easy way to process Student Fee Payments if the parent provides a Check or Cash. You must first have an ePOS user name assigned to you before you can access ePOS to make payments. This will be done prior to your site going live.

Making Student Fee Payments

You can open ePOS from the menu drop-down, Manage > ePOS.

For Student Fee payments, click the Select Student button. You will see a search box. Enter the Student ID or Last Name for best results and click the Search Button.

Since I entered the Student number, the search results display just that student. If you search by Last Name, there might be multiple students with the same last name.

Click the Green Plus to select Tom Bailey. The fees that have a balance will display with the Add to Cart checkbox. In the example below, a parent mailed a check for $58 to pay a child care fee. I placed a check next to Add to Cart for the $58 Child Care Fee. Then click Add Selected.

You see the screen where you can finalize the payment as shown below. Select the Payment Method, the full amount will appear by default in the Tendered Box. I selected Check as the Payment Method and entered the Check Number in the Appropriate Check Number box.

Click Finalize to complete the order. You end up on the Manage> ePOS page again. The order on the top of the list was the order we just processed for Tom Bailey. Click the 573 link under Order Detail and you will see the order in the Order Manager.