Exporting Print Jobs

Under Catalog > Export Print Jobs you will find a feature called Print Jobs. This is designed to work in conjunction with Boca ticket printers. If you are using ePayTrak to sell theatre tickets using Options and Variants for assigned seating or general admission, this export can help you print tickets. This feature was included before all of the Ticketing Events capabilities. This is rarely used, but will still work if you need to print available tickets on a Boca Printer if you have one.

To Export a Print Job:

  1. Navigate to Catalog > Export Print Job. You will see a window similar to the one below.


  1. At the top of the page, you will see previous exports. To open that previous export, click Download File.

  2. Enter the Product Sku in the Sku box as shown above.    

  3. Click the Export button.

You will see the latest export at the top as shown below.

  1. Click Download file. Save the file to a convenient location on your computer.

Your Exported file which is saved in a .csv format can then be opened in Excel. The print job I just exported is shown below. The Name of the Product, the Row and Seat and the price will be the fields exported.


To Print Using a Boca Printer:

  1. Open the software that was created by ePayTrak developers named EduTrak Printing. You will see a window similar to the one below.

  2. Click the down arrow and select printer driver.  Then select the correct Boca printer drivers and they will view in the Current Port section.  If the drivers have been correctly installed, you will see Ready in the Printer State box.

  3. To customize the look of your tickets, you can add text to the four fields listed Row 1 Text, Row 2 Text, etc.  

  4. Click Import File to import the file you exported from ePayTrak.  Your tickets will automatically print.

  5. The messages section will display your operating system and other system details.


You can print tickets manually with this newly created software as well. The Text rows are what will print on the Boca printer stock.

ePayTrak ticketing has improved vastly, making this process near obsolete.