Fees Aging Report

This report will display all outstanding fees that are owed. You can filter the report by school, grade, student ID, and Sku. This report is available from the Menu drop-down. Reports > Student Fee Reports > Fees Aging Report.   

In this example, I filtered by the 7th grade as shown below.  

All fees owed by 7th graders are shown on this report. You have the option to Print Invoices or send an e-mail invoice to those on the list. You can also export this list as a .csv file to use in other programs.

ePayTrak isn't able to print many invoices due to Internet spooling issues. If you have more than twenty pages of invoices, please export the Student Fees located under Configure >Imports >Exports. Use that file to print invoices using a Mail Merge in MSWord. The Word template is available by contacting Tech Support.