Flex Report

The Flex Report is designed to give customers a report they can use for tax time. The Flex Report acts differently than other reports. First, it is necessary to configure your report before you can use it, like adding all the products you wish to have on the report. Go to Configure > Flex Benefits Config. You will see an image similar to the one below.

You can customize this page with your own logo. Just click in the Upload Header Image box and click Choose File to point to where you have your logo saved on your computer.

Header Text

You can customize the header text for your report. If you duplicate the breaks to maintain spacing, your header text will display nicely on the report. ePayTrak personnel can help create your header text.

Adding Products

You can add any or all of the Child Care products. In this example, I selected another Child Care product from the down-arrow, CCfee21-22. Click Add Product and click save and the new product is listed as shown below. It's that simple. Any purchases from those two products will appear on the Flex Benefit Report.

What does the public see?

The public user needs to click on the Account button at the top right of the page. At the bottom left, you see the Flex Benefit Report. Click on the Date Range, (normally 1/1-12/31.)

The user can click Apply and they will see a report as shown below. You can use the Generate PDF to automatically create a file that is usable for tax filing.

There are $550 in payments to the Flex account report for the year.

You can view the Payments on the Admin side under the user account accessed by People>Users.

At the bottom of the page are Flex Benefit and Student Fee buttons. For my example, I clicked Flex Benefit but there could be Child Care payments under Student Fees depending on how your school is configured.

After Clicking Flex Benefit, I see the same total of $550.

So, you can easily check the Flex benefit for any parent with just a few extra clicks.