You can open the Forms Maintenance from the menu drop-down,  Manage > Forms. The Forms Maintenance window will allow you to view the information that you are collecting from your products that utilize a Product Template. When you click Manage > Forms, you will see the screen below first. Any product template that you are using to collect information from your customers, will appear. (This page is not related to Custom Forms, these are Product Templates only.)

The Creation Date shows and you can sort the Forms by Name or Date at the top left of the screen. If you find you have forms that you would like to keep the data but the list of forms is getting too long to easily manage, we've added an Active Status. At the right, you can check whether you want the form to be active, or to show when you click the Active Only filter. When you click in the 'Active' box, make sure to click the 'Update Active Flag' button to save your edit.

You can now filter by a Product Name or Sku. Handy when you have a long list of Product Templates.


This window gives you limited information, so we created a Forms Report in ePayTrak. The filters here are applied on the Forms Report page to navigate that page more easily. You can edit the data in Forms Maintenance. Click the Product Name and you will see the data for that product template form. Click on the customer of your choice and edit the data. Click Update when you are finished to save your changes.