Generating Student Fees

There are two ways to create Student Fees in ePayTrak. You can import the Student Fees which is a very fast process. Contact Tech Support to obtain the .csv template, as shown below, if you are going to import Student Fees. With advancements in SmartSchool, fees can be created in a third party software and will get brought over to ePayTrak during the syncing process. There are restrictions, it might not work on your site! Contact ePayTrak personnel with questions.

Importing Student Fees

Save the .csv template file to a location on your hard drive.  

When that file is ready, Go to Configure > Imports/Exports > Student Fees.

You will see the Import Screen below. Click on Browse to locate the file on your hard drive. Click the 'Import' button to import the Student Fees.


Your fees will then be imported. Click the Details link to see there were any errors on the import.

Creating Student Fees Manually

Go to Manage > Student Fees to create the fees manually. You can enter the fee for one student, or you can add fees to multiple students with one creation. You will see the screen below. You must enter the product Sku number of the fee in the 'Sku:' window. If you are entering fees for only one student, then enter the Sku/Class ID and Student Id. If you are entering fees for more than one student, then enter the Sku, Grade and/or School. Enter the amount due if the product is a variable price, if the price is fixed, then you don't need to enter the Amount Due. (We recommend that you use a variable price for student fees.) Then click on the 'Generate Fees' button to create the Student Fees. You now have the ability to customize the Fee Date. Click on the Calendar and choose the date you wish.  It will create the fee and sort it by the Fee Date you selected.

Our most recent improvement is the ability to have an e-mail generate to the parent e-mail address when a new fee is created!

The newest fee created is listed at the top. There is a description available here also, which can help determine when/how the Student Fees were created. You can customize your description in the 'Run Description Box'. Then you can tell what/who the fee is for. The date and time the fee is created might not be helpful to you in a Description.