Group Membership

Group Membership

You can create a Group Membership that will allow a group member to receive membership discounts on selected products. Once a customer has purchased a Group Membership, they will be automatically added to a User Group that you assign.

To Add a Group:

  1. The first step would be to create a User Group for Members.

  2. Navigate to Users > User Groups.

  3. On the Right side of the screen, you will see the Add Group section. Enter the name of your Group, I'm adding Booster Club as the Group Name. Click Save when finished.


To Add a Group to a Product:

  1. The next step is to open the product for that membership. In this case, I am adding the Booster Club Group Membership to the Product Cardinals Athletic Booster Membership as shown below.


  1. Only when a customer purchases the Cardinals Athletic Booster Membership will they receive member discounts. If the customer had purchased a membership before you offered it on your ePayTrak site, you can assign the user to that group by editing the customer profile.

  2. After purchasing a Group Membership, the customer profile will look similar to the image below. Notice that Booster Club is now highlighted in the User Group section. This screen is where you would add a group as mentioned in Step 5.



  1. The next step would be to edit the product where a member would get a Group Membership discount, by assigning that product to the group as shown below. Click the down-arrow next to Group Membership and select Booster Club, the user group we created earlier. Click Save when finished.


  1. Next, create a Pricing Rule that would assign Booster Club members a discount. Click Pricing Rules from the menu at the left.

  1. Click the Add Pricing Rule button to add the pricing rule. (You can also use a Volume Discount to offer group membership discounts.)

  2. You will see the next screen where you create your pricing rule.

  1. Add the Special price, Start Date, End Date, Selected Groups, and Booster Club. Click Save when finished.

  2. You have now completed all the steps, and the customer will receive a $20 discount for registering a child for the Cardinals Boy's Soccer product.