Guest Checkout

We have created a new Guest Checkout process in MultiStore version of ePayTrak.

This is very handy for people who are making purchases but have no students that need to be imported from the Student Information System.

The Guest Checkout bypasses the SmartSchool account login process. Below is an outline of what the customer might see.

The Customer clicks on Guest Checkout and is directed to the Home Page. Note at the top right it reads Welcome Guest!

The Customer can shop as normal with a few differences. Some products might not be available as a guest depending on product configuration.

There is no student drop-down section as you might normally see in the middle of the page after adding an item to the cart.

The customer clicks Checkout and has the option to get an e-mail receipt by filling in their e-mail address.

Click Proceed to Payment.

The customer will see a screen similar to the one below depending on the gateway site being utilized.

The customer then clicks Pay and sees the final screen. Very simple!

As a School Admin, the order appears much the same as if there were a user account. Note: there is no Participant or student listed as expected.

The encrypted token information that is passed back by the gateway includes the address. You may not see similar results depending on the gateway being used on your ePayTrak site.  

Refunds are a snap! The guest account is searchable under People>Users after an order has been placed.

In an open order, Click Customer Profile on the left to access the guest user account as shown below.