Guest Checkout in ePayTrak

We have recently improved Guest Checkout with SmartSchool. When the customer arrives at the Home page of the ePayTrak site, he/she can select the item to add to his cart.  

Below, is a screen shot of a demo site where a customer added a Coffee Mug to their cart.  


Click the Checkout Now button. You will see a login screen as shown below. Click the Guest Checkout button to make a purchase as a guest.

You will see a screen similar to the one below. Note it reads Welcome Guest and shows the item in the Cart. Click Checkout.

Once you click Checkout you will see this on the screen. I entered an e-mail address to get a receipt.

Click the Proceed to Payment button. You will see a screen to enter credit card information. That screen will vary between gateways, the sample below is an sandbox gateway.

 Click Pay and you will see the final screen.

The customer will be e-mailed a receipt if included.