How do I place an order for a customer?

Create an Order for a Customer

  • Go to People/Users to locate the customer.  (if the customer isn't in ePayTrak, you will need to add that customer as a User)  See Users for more information how to add a new User.

  • Click the blue edit button next to the user.

  • That will open the user profile.

  • Scroll down and click the Create Order button in the Current Basket section.

  • Enter the product name (or Sku) and click search.

  • Click on the Green plus next to the product.

  • Click on Place order.

  • Check the Shipping and billing address as necessary.

  • Select Payment Method, and process the order.

  • For more detailed information, see New Orders.

  • Placing an order using ePOS is a nice alternative.