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How do I split a family account?

There may be times when a family will need to be split in to two separate accounts. This article will explain the process.

The first step in splitting a family in to two accounts is to determine if an account is already created for the "new" family. If not, you will need to create one manually. To create an account, go to the Wordware District Site>Families tab>Family List.



Click on "Create new family."


Click on the "White" layout in the upper right hand corner of the page.



Enter the family information, then click the green "Save" button.



Now that you have the new family created, you will move the student(s) to the new family.

From the Wordware District Site, go to the Students tab>Student Assignment Tool.


Click on "Reset all filters" to remove any prior search criteria.


Enter the name of the student you want to move, then click "Search."


Select the student by checking the box next to their name, then click "Assign selected siblings to one family."


Some suggestions will be displayed. If you see the family you are moving the student to on the list, click the "Assign" button next to their name.


If you do not see the family you wish to move the student to, type the family last name in the Family Search box.


Then hit "Enter" on your keyboard to display a list of names that match your search criteria. Click the "Assign" link next to the name of the family you wish to move the student to. You will be asked to confirm. Click "OK."


You will then see a message letting you know the assignment was successful.


IIf there are other students to move to the new family, repeat the above steps for each student.


There may be instances where you will want to also move the transactions for the student(s) you moved. To do this, wait 5 minutes for the sync to occur; then, log in to the LCS1000>Student tab>Batch Edit.


Select Transaction Batches.


Select the Meal Type. Enter a Start Date and End Date. For example, if transactions from Sept 7th to Jan 5th need to be moved to the new family, you would enter those dates. Next, click "Select" under Student.


Use the Data Selector box search function to locate the student.


Select the student by checking the box, then click the "X" in the upper right hand corner of the page to close the Data Selector box.


Click the "Search" button.


A list of transactions that fit your search criteria will appear.


Under "Actions" select Group Change Account Origin.


Under "Apply to" select Entire filter list. Then, click the "Run" button.


You will be asked to confirm that action. Click "OK."


A Performing Action box will appear. It is very important to click on the "Log file" link to check your work.


The log file will allow you to verify the results of the action. In this example, the transactions were originally associated with Family ID 6132. Now, they are associated with Courtney's new family, Family ID 6133.