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How to add a Family contact to an existing Family/Student

Add a family contact to an already existing account and connect their online registered user for access to their student/family

Adding Contact: To an existing Family/Student

  1. On the District site go to Families > Family List OR Students > Student List




2. Look up the student or family by First/Last Name, Family ID, Student ID: As seen below you can use either way to search for a family and/or student that you would want to add contact to.




3.  Once you have searched for and found the account you are looking for, click on the blue Account ID to take you to their account information.


4. To add a contact to the account: First make sure you click on ‘White’ by Layouts up at the top right corner: See image below for reference:


5. Look for Family Contact List > Click on the blue ‘Create a new Contact’: See below:


6. When you click on the ‘Create new contact’ you will get a ‘Family Contact’ box. 

Here, you will put in the Family contact information: Once you have entered everything, click ‘Save’ and the family contact should now be display below.


Another way to add a Contact is through SSK12 (Smart School K12) – Once a parent register and adds their student to their SSK12 account via either the ‘Family Key’ or ‘Student ID and DOB combo’ the ‘Family contact list’ will update with the Parent/Guardian’s information as well.