Importing and Exporting

You can access the Imports and Exports from the Menu drop-down. Configure > Imports/Exports.   

There are many different ways you can import valuable information into your ePayTrak store. I will list the imports/exports as shown on the drop-down above.

Import Users and Participants

You can import Users and Participants from another software program or older versions of ePayTrak. Import the .csv file by clicking on the Browse button. Navigate to the file on your hard drive and then click Import. All imports require a header for each field. If you are importing User ID numbers that are already acceptable in your ePayTrak store, Respect Participant Validation should be checked.  


The fields that are available for import are shown in the .csv file below.


Import User Participants

The same format as importing Users and Participants. This import will match participants with the user accounts already on your ePayTrak store. Below is an example of a .csv file to import User Participants.



Import Valid Participant IDs

You can Import Valid Participant IDs from another program or an older version of ePayTrak. It is basically the same format as the other imports with imported Participants. As with other imports, click Browse to go to the file on your computer and click Import to import the file. The field names must be present as a header in your .csv file. When a parent creates an ePayTrak user account, they need to add the student/participant with correct ID. Most databridge setups will eliminate the steps of importing students to ePayTrak.

Below is an example of the .csv file used to import Valid Participant IDs.


Import Historic Transactions

This import will allow you to import transactions from another software to create user account history. This import is rarely used except perhaps for some new customers.

Export Activity by Accounting Code by Item

Enter your Date Range and click Run Report. You can open the file in Excel or can click Download File to access that file anytime.

This export gives you all order information with Name, Transaction amount, Order Number and Accounting Codes. It is editable and importable into Student Information Systems.


Here is a display from the Excel export.

Export Users and Participants

You can export Users and Participants from your ePayTrak store. This export will be in the .csv file format, you can choose what information you would like to export by checking the appropriate box, or selecting all information. You can then access that information into Excel or similar program.

Export Transactions

ePayTrak allows you to export transactions. The file format will be a .csv file which is suitable for importing into Excel, Access and many other software programs. Just select the Date Range that you want to export. Then click the Export button.


Export Student Fees

ePayTrak permits you to export Student Fees in a .csv format. Enter the criteria in the boxes as shown below. I've entered "5" in the Grade box, then click 'Export'. You can select to Open or Save that file. The export will show me all the students with outstanding fees for Grade 5.

Click 'Download File' to access that information. This form is designed to use with Mail Merge in MS Word to print invoices. Only the fees that are owed will appear on the export. Each student is on one line and is too wide a file to display here.

Export Student Fees List

ePayTrak permits you to export the Student Fees List as a .csv file. This file contains all fees and fee payments, not just what is owed by the student. You can filter or limit your found set with grade, school, etc., as shown below. Enter that filter information and click Export. You can save that file to your computer and easily manipulate the data in MS Excel.


After you click 'Export' you will see your export on the list as shown above. Click 'Download File' to open/save that file. Below is an example of a file opened in MS Excel. This export will show all payments for all fees for your filter set and will have updated balances.

Export Custom Forms

If you have a Dynamic Form enabled on your ePayTrak site, which is used to gather emergency contacts and other data from parents/guardians, this form will give you an updated export of all the parents who have completed the form. Click 'Export' to begin the process.  

Click 'Download File' after the export has completed. The most recent export appears at the top of the list. Then you get the choice to Open or Save the file. Here is a sample of the some of the data completed.


Export Products

This export was created to export all Products from your ePayTrak site. Helpful cataloging your Products. Below is a sample of what that export looks like. It is easily edited in MS Excel.

Export Department Transactions

ePayTrak allows you to export transactions by any of the Departments that you establish in your store. Select the Date Range and the Department you wish to export. The exported file will be a .csv file format.


Powerschool eFinance Plus Export

This export allows you to change your bank name for the export for easier import into Powerschool.

Import Orders

You can import orders from other software into your ePayTrak store. An example might be if you wish to import orders from a separate Food Service software package into ePayTrak.

Click on the Browse button to locate your file and click Import to import that file.

Import Products

Navigate to Configure > Imports/Exports > Import Products.

Click on Browse to find the file on your computer. Click Import.


Below is a formatted .csv file that will work for your imports. You will need to create the Category in ePayTrak first if that Category doesn't exist. If you have questions creating your Import Product .csv file, please contact Tech Support at This form is updated on a regular basis to include even more fields, and the sample below doesn't include all the fields you can import! Some fields are required, check us for details.


Import Students

Navigate to Configure > Imports/Exports > Import Students.

An new import created for importing students that have fees. Contact Tech Support for a proper .csv format. The format will look like the one shown below.

Import WordWare

If your school utilizes WordWare food service management software, there is an import available for food service transactions. Contact Tech Support for a proper .csv format template if you need this functionality. Since the advent of the LCS1000, this is no longer necessary.

Export WordWare

If your school imports Wordware lunch payment transactions into ePayTrak, (no longer necessary with newer versions of Wordware) you will want to export data back to WordWare. Contact Technical Support for assistance.

Import Student Fees

Navigate to Configure > Imports/Exports > Import Student Fees.

A new import created for importing student fees for the year preventing manual creation. Contact Tech Support for a proper .csv format. The format will look like the figure shown below.

Import Student Fee Records

Navigate to Configure > Imports/Exports > Import Student Fee Records.

You will see a screen similar to the one above. This import can import student fee records of fees already paid by the student but the payment was made outside of ePayTrak.

This file needs to be in a .csv file format. An example is shown below.

Import Power Students

Navigate to Configure > Imports/Exports > Import Power Students.

An import created specifically for exports from Powerschool software.

Export Skyward

Configure > Imports/Exports > Export Skyward

This export is for ePayTrak schools that use Skyward Food service. You can export your food service payments for Skyward import. Enter the date range as shown below for the export of your choice.

Export Google Calendar

We've recently added this Google Calendar Export. Navigate to Configure > Imports/Exports > Export Google Calendar. This export will export data that is importable into Google Calendar.

The data is collected from the Class Information section in ePayTrak. If you have multiple events, they will appear in this export. Below is a list of the fields that are exported.

Student ID - Sku Export

Configure > Imports/Exports > Student ID Sku Export

Select a Date Range and click Export.

Click on Download File to see your file. You can either View the file or Save it to your computer. You then have the power of MSExcel to sort your data as you need.

SunGard Finance AR Export

This export will allow you to export all SunGard fee payments to a .txt file. You can import this text file into SunGard with all payments made for each student.

Navigate to Configure > Imports/Exports > SunGard Finance AR Export.

Select a Date Range and click Export. Your file will appear in the list as shown below. Click Download file.

When you click Download file, you will see a similar screen to the one below.

Right-click on the screen and select Save As. You will then have a .txt file to import to SunGard. All Sungard fee products must have the export box checked in the Accounting section at the product level as shown below.

SunGard Finance AR ID Import

This import works in conjunction with the Import Valid Participant IDs. Navigate to Configure > Imports/Exports > SunGard Finance AR Export to import the SunGard IDs.

You first must import the Valid Participant IDs. Then you import the SunGard ID numbers.

The import file should have the header left off the .csv file for the import to work correctly.

Below is a sample of an import file.

When the import is complete, the students will appear on the list with their Student ID's and Extended Care IDs.