Importing Products/Classes

ePayTrak has the functionality of importing your Products/Classes. This feature can save considerable input time and will prevent errors that can occur if you enter all the information manually.

To Add Products/Classes using the Import:

  1. Before you can import Products/Classes, you must first have the Category used in the upload file created. Categories still must be created manually.

  2. If you already have a Class Catalog built in a spreadsheet perhaps, it will be easy to adapt it to an ePayTrak import template. The .csv template can be edited in MS Excel, and that template is available by contacting ePayTrak Technical Support. After making changes, you must save the file in the .csv format. Don't save it in the MSExcel format of .xls or .xlsx or the import will not work. The Description field can be pre-formatted in .html coding. Displayed below is a part of that template. The template is updated on a regular basis to include more fields! The following fields are required in the .csv file: 'sku', 'name', 'description', 'category', 'price', 'costofgoods', 'startinginventory', 'maxqty', 'minqty', 'accountingcode', 'departmentcode', 'bucketcode', 'requirevalidparticipant', and 'originalinventory'.



  1. Navigate to Configure > Imports/Exports > Import Products as shown below.


  1. Click on Browse to locate that import file, then press the 'Import' button. It's that easy.

  2. Options and Variants are not included on the import, but most fields are. You might need to make several changes to your Product/Class, such as adding images, product templates or custom forms, but most of the work is already done.