Introduction to ePayTrak - Supplemental Table of Contents

ePayTrak is a complete shopping cart solution designed for schools, online merchants, and software developers that need a robust yet affordable solution. ePayTrak is fully customizable for both serious programmers and the School administrator.

With ePayTrak, you can dynamically create and update your product inventory in real-time while using the built-in inactivate and preview features necessary for areas in construction. You have the ability to manage hundreds of thousands of products or just one. A relational (hierarchical) database allows inventory to be organized into unlimited levels of categories for easy page-by-page navigation.

If you are using this page as a Table of Contents (some browsers have issues showing the built-in Table of Contents) proceed to the Chapters section below.

Getting Started

For those who want to get started as quickly as possible, then we highly recommend reading the following three documents:

Quick Start Guide Part 1 - Focus on the dashboard and how to Contact Support.

Quick Start Guide Part 2 - A continuation of Part 1. Concentrates on catalog building basics.

Merchant Administration - Overview of the online merchant administration and a legend for the icons.  


The documentation for ePayTrak can be navigated much like the ePayTrak program. There are a Table of Contents, an Index and a Search feature that should help you find items more quickly, but some browsers do not display them properly. You can use the category links below as a supplementary Table of Contents page. There is also an FAQ section for your convenience. It is recommended that you take the step-by-step quick guide if you are new to ePayTrak.