Inventory by Sku

The Inventory by Sku Report gives you an easy, quick snapshot of the inventory on hand for all products. You can access the Inventory by Sku Report from the Menu drop down. Reports > Products > Inventory by Sku.  

Printable Report

The only report available for the Inventory by Sku Report is the Printable Report. This report shows the Inventory for all Products and Variants. The Ceramics 01 class has two class times, so it was necessary to use Variants. The Variant stock is listed at the far right, 17 and 22 spaces available in the two classes. It is recommended that you create a separate Sku for each variant, so when checking inventory you know the specific inventory for each class. In this case, Cer01Mon and Cer01Tues display the inventory by class.


The Printable Report automatically gives you a printer-friendly report. You can also export the Inventory by Sku Report by clicking on the Select Export Format drop-down. You have many formats to select from including .pdf, Excel, .csv and other format types.