With ePayTrak you can add Locations such as schools within a school district, to make it easier for you and your customers to find the Products they want quickly. The ePayTrak demo site has a few examples.

Adding Locations

To add a new Location to your ePayTrak store, go to Manage> Locations. On the right, enter the Location Name in the Name box.  Click ADD to add your Location. I entered Gull Elementary in the example below.


You can also add a Location while you add or edit a Product in the Catalog. Click on the drop-down arrow to choose the Location.


If the Location is not included in the drop-down menu, click New and you can add the Location in the new window shown below. Click OK, and your new Location will be included in the drop-down menu.

Search by Location

Your customers can search your site by using the search Window at the top right. Enter Gull Elementary and ePayTrak displays the Category and the Location of Gull Elementary at the bottom left of the screen.


The customer can click on the left to search further the Gull Elementary Narrow by Location link. The search displayed the only product in that category by Default which can be handy. he Advanced Search to find a product.