Making PowerSchool Payments in ePayTrak

The public will need to make Powerschool Fee Payments in ePayTrak. The instructions below are intended for the customer.

  • Login to PowerSchool. Enter your Username and Password and click Sign In.

  • That brings you to this PowerSchool page. Click on Balance to view your student's fees. Below is a sample, click the Pay Now button to begin the payment process.

Note: The workflow can vary depending on several factors including Marcia Brenner plugins. Notice the Middle School Sports logo at the lower left, you might see another icon in this location. Your site might have a logo here where the payment process initiates. Check with ePayTrak personnel to determine your school's exact workflow before going live with your site.


  • With New Single Sign On, the Customer will no longer see ePayTrak login screens. The customer will be re-directed to ePayTrak from Powerschool and will see a screen similar to the one below.

You get re-directed here in ePayTrak with Single Sign On integration.


You can also access this page by proceeding to Account > My PowerSchool Fees.  

  • To make a payment, click in the Checkbox next to the fee you wish to pay and click the Pay Selected Fees button. I clicked on Volleyball and then it's added to the basket as seen below.

  • Click Checkout to continue.

  • Click the Add New Payment Method button to enter your credit card information. That opens an scriplet window to enter your credit card information. Your credit card information is never stored in ePayTrak for additional security. You don't need to complete the Company, Country or Fax fields.

  • Press Save when you have completed the information.

  • Click on the Click to Pay and Complete Your Order button to complete your order. You can also edit your credit card or add a new one from this screen from the corresponding buttons. You will a screen similar to this when you complete your payment.